Shamima Begum and the Myth of Islamic Deradicalization

If only we could squeeze Shamima Begum (hijab, prayer mat, Koran and all) into H.G. Wells’ time machine and catapult the ISIS bride to the era of Guy Fawkes, we might just about solve our problem with jihadi Judases returning to Britain.

In merry olde England, we’d truss up a traitor and get a bad-tempered horse to yank him across hard ground. Then we’d then string him on IKEA-like gallows, disembowel, behead and carve the quisling into four quarters. The fairer sex didn’t get hung, drawn and quartered—a female turncoat was simply burned.

Shamima Begum: I am willing to change to keep British citizenship

Nineteen-year-old who joined Isis asks UK to show ‘a bit more mercy’ in assessing her case