Even leftish media seem down on the Oscars now

From BJ Pang Chieh Ho and Mathew Olson at Digg:

On the bad side: the Academy is soldiering on without a host after dropping Kevin Hart for his history of homophobic comments. “Green Book,” criticized as a dopey “white people’s guide to racism,” movie, angered the family of musician Dr. Don Shirley and was directed by Peter Farrelly, whose previously reported on-set “pranking” reeks of pre-Time’s Up, quietly-ignored misconduct. Meanwhile, many “Bohemian Rhapsody” viewers found its moralizing over Freddy Mercury’s sexuality quite regressive, and it was directed in part by alleged predator Bryan Singer.More.

(Some of us remember when the left considered sin and vice interesting.)


From Drew Vagary at The Concourse:

They won’t even have a host this year because Kevin Hart made an ass of himself, but they’ll STILL find a way to overstuff this affair with speeches from humorless trustees, montages about how Movies Are Special, and an In Memoriam reel that won’t even include anyone who died in Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s gonna be the same tacky, bloated mess it’s always been, which is why it’s time for myself and the Deadspin staff to dig in and hate this year’s group of nominees properly. And holy shit do some of these nominees deserve it. See for yourself! More.

Reality check: When even Hollywood isn’t Woke enough for you, take up knitting. Actually, knitting recently went Woke too and the needles were flying (“whiteness in knitting”).

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