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Lara Logan Now Under Fire for Calling Out Liberal Bias in Media

She also called out her targeters by name.

“I know they’re going to come after me,” she told Hannity. “Michael Calderone who is at the Huffington Post. I can give you the script now. I can tell you who the players are. Joe Hagan. Brian Stelter.”

She added: “They smear you personally. They go after your integrity. They go after your reputation as a person and a professional. They will stop at nothing.

Canada obliged to protect future generations from climate change, test case on carbon tax hears

When the governments of Canada and Saskatchewan publicly squared off in court in Regina this month over the constitutionality of a federally imposed carbon tax, a lesser organization was quietly advancing its own case, on behalf of young Canadians and future generations.

The Intergenerational Climate Coalition, an intervenor in the case, argued that the Canadian government has a constitutional obligation to protect minorities, including future generations of children who stand to be negatively impacted by climate change.

Feds share watch list with 1,400 private groups

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said Congress should look into why the FBI has given such wide access to the list, which CAIR believes is riddled with errors. Broad dissemination of the names makes life more difficult for those who are wrongly included, CAIR says. Many on the list are believed to be Muslim.

“This is a wholesale profiling of a religious minority community,” said CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad. “To share private information of citizens and non-citizens with corporations is illegal and outrageous.”

Ben Stein: Green New Deal ‘would make the Great Depression look like a picnic’

Actor and conservative commentator Ben Stein wrote a column Tuesday shredding the Green New Deal put forth by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey as an economic disaster for the country.

Mr. Stein, who holds a degree in economics, said the Green New Deal, which aims to transition the country completely off fossil fuels in 10 years, is “a multi-pronged way to snatch Depression from the Jaws of prosperity.”

A third of Canadians say science on vaccines isn’t ‘quite clear’

The Angus Reid Institute online survey found that 29 per cent of those polled are of the opinion that the science on vaccinations against deadly childhood infections isn’t “quite clear.” And the skepticism rises with age, with 36 per cent of Canadians over 55 believing the science isn’t entirely convincing.

A further one-quarter — 26 per cent — believe there is a “real risk of serious side effects” from vaccinations, even though such bodies as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that side effects from childhood vaccines, for the most part, are minor (such as a sore arm, slight fever or fussiness) and serious reactions rare (occurring in less than one out of a million doses with the diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus vaccine, for example.)