Science is unravelling in Venezuela

From Jim Daley at Scientific American,

Research has ground to a halt, and many scientists have left the country out of desperation …

“At all levels of the national scientific establishment, inexperienced professionals with little scientific or technical knowledge or background have been assigned to positions of authority,” says Ruth Castillo Ochoa, a philosopher of physics who left Venezuela in 2017 after she says the lack of food and basic services—combined with military repression—made life unbearable. She contends authorities at the MPPEUCT are appointed based on loyalty to the regime. “This approach excludes a constructive dialogue with the research and development community and reduces academic performance freedom,” she says.

It’s called socialism. It makes everyone equal. What business has anyone pretending they know more about anything at all than the regime’s loyal supporters do? Such elitism mustn’t be tolerated.

At least, if the scientists give up, the starving arts faculty can eat the lab rats.

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