Ladies and Gentlemen… Your Ruling Class

The SNC-Lavalin scandal presents us with the cold truth that Canada is The Great White Banana Republic.

A land where the governing party has been caught conspiring to create a law essentially absolving SNC-Lavalin of wrongdoing and then attempting to influence the Attorney General to ensure the application of that “Get out of jail free” card. A land where the governing party “investigates” itself to prove its commitment to transparency.

The LPC have the gall to wrap themselves in the flag assuring us they act for the “Greater Good” by protecting well paying jobs in Quebec while simultaneously destroying the livelihood of Oil Patch families with their ruinous Green-Scam agenda. Were there an annual award presented for the Top Banana -Banana Republic then the purchase of a pipeline company to ensure a pipeline is never built would make the LPC the handsdown winner.

It was never about jobs or the greater good. It was about keeping the machine of Liberal Party corruption well greased with cash. To the LPC’s great misfortune the public gained a glimpse into the seedy world of government by the Liberal Party for the Liberal Party. And once seen never unseen.

But there is no means to compel an honest investigation. Instead we are treated to a bizarre show-trial where a partisan hack not only scolds the great unwashed for their unseemly tone but outright tars the damnable rabble as probable assassins in waiting. We should be used to this by now, after all we have been labeled Nazis, Islamophobes, fringe dwellers and bigots for having the temerity to dissent. The Liberals call this “inclusion,” I believe.

Our thick Prime Minister seems upset that his usual routine has been interrupted by this messy business. He’s absolutely mortified that we might think he and his government underhanded. He said so. He much prefers swanning about the world “creating relationships” that always seem to involve giving away vast amounts of our money. It’s so much more fun than governing. In my neighborhood we used to call such desperate-to-be-liked characters suckers. I bet the rest of the world does too.

Canada is back all right. Back to the future of Liberal Party cynicism & corruption.