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MOSELEY: It’s Time To Send The CO2-Obsessed Back To Science Class

Advocates of a hypothesis that there is global warming that humans are causing ridicule those who won’t join their club. Yet the problem is that our schools have spread lack of understanding throughout our once-great society. Every institution run by people has been diminished. So let this be a primer if readers want to understand the hypothesis of global warming or try to free a believer from their fever.

School helps students ‘nurture feminist masculinities’ during ‘Masculinities Month’

“Through these [events], the Emily Taylor Center encourages you to learn about and question the ‘collective socialization of men,’ the ‘traditional masculine script,’ and the concept of ‘the man box’; consider the relationship between intersectionality and masculinities; explore the differences between patriarchy and feminism as well as between patriarchal masculinity and feminist masculinity,” the center’s website states.

Jobs take a backseat to Mckenna’s ideology and Carbon Tax master plan

Environment minister Catherine McKenna, the architect of Bill C-69, what opponents have dubbed ‘the no-pipeline bill’, and pitchwoman for the federal carbon tax, offered her usual talking points when asked about today’s demonstration that shut down Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill.

Story about Unaccompanied Alien Children in Florida Shelter is Humorous and Infuriating

This is a story from UPI last week that has been languishing in my posting queue.

It’s a longish story, but worth reading if you want to know more about life (the good life) in a shelter for the “children” who have come across our border illegally and unaccompanied.

h/t Mom

Keep climate change money flowing, environment committee urged

Groups including Ecology Ottawa questioned the paltry $150,000 the city plans to spend on its centrepiece strategy to move to renewable energy, known as Energy Evolution. That money will be used so staff can finish a major report listing potential projects by year’s end.

“I fully embrace your sentiment that we’re sitting on a ticking time bomb and no one’s panicking,” agreed Coun. Riley Brockington. “And when we have $150,000 invested in Energy Evolution, it’s insulting.”