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DHS: Border Security Bill Will NOT Provide ‘Amnesty’ to Illegals

DHS officials have confirmed that the new security bill signed by Trump on Friday will not provide amnesty to illegal aliens, despite concerns to the contrary.

Lawmakers and conservative commentators falsely claimed the bill provided de facto amnesty to many illegal immigrants.

Great Barrier Reef rodent becomes 1st official ‘climate change extinction’

Australia’s government has declared the Bramble Cay melomys extinct, making it what is believed to be the first mammalian casualty directly attributed to man-made climate change.

The official declaration on Tuesday by Australia’s Environment Ministry was long-expected, as a wide-ranging survey of the critter’s habitat in 2014 found no traces of the species. The rat was last seen by fisherman almost a decade ago with no officially registered sightings since.

Diane Francis: Money laundering by foreigners is what’s really destroying housing affordability in Canada

Here’s the problem: Canadian cities rate highly among the most desirable in the world, but also the most unaffordable. Vancouver took the top spot for unaffordability in 2017 based on the gap between low incomes and high prices, according to a global study. Toronto was the 13th most unaffordable — a major obstacle to attracting talent or head offices.

The culprit has been money laundering — by criminals, kleptocrats and tax evaders. Their favourite means of hiding money is real estate. In 2018, Ontario and B.C. imposed a 15 per cent tax on non-resident buyers, resulting in a price drop of about 40 per cent in Vancouver housing prices in the last year.

Surge in Ivy League anti-Trump courses, ‘imminent apocalypse,’ ‘fascism’

America’s top colleges and universities have bulked up politically correct courses that “malign conservatives,” and Ivy League schools have put a focus anti-Trump offerings, according to a new report from Young America’s Foundation.

Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University, and Dartmouth College have created courses that question the Trump presidency, scrutinize his “fake news” charges and call his election a sign of “of an imminent apocalypse.”

Judge failed to consider young man’s Indigenous heritage, court rules

An appeals court has found that a judge mistakenly failed to consider the Cree background of a drug trafficker who had been taken from his Manitoba parents as an infant and raised by a non-Aboriginal family on Prince Edward Island.