Stabby Muslim Makes “Not Terrorism” Attack In Marseilles Wounding 4

Google translate – The assailant, Karim L., was released from prison in October 2018 tells us a source close to the investigation. The 36-year-old man was involved in a murder case in 2003 and was known to police for acts of violence and assault with a knife.

The attacker arrived from the Old Port and walked towards the Noailles sector, according to a police source quoted by Le Figaro . The author then interviewed several passersby “by speaking in French and in a foreign language, asking them for their nationality”, stabbing people according to their answers.

The victims are 3 men aged 23, 27 and 35 and a woman aged 52. Two of them were transported to the hospital

The attacker is dead. He was 36 years old and it’s not “terrorism” according to police.

Via JW