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Democrats vote against notifying ICE when immigrants fail firearm background checks

Which do Democrats hate more — immigration enforcement or guns? If you guessed guns, you guessed wrong. Despite the left’s nonstop campaign against the Second Amendment, it turns out that they’d rather protect criminal aliens than stop dangerous people from purchasing weapons.

The evidence lies in their rejection last week of an amendment that would’ve required law enforcement officials to be notified if someone trying to buy a weapon were to fail a federal background check.

George Washington U. Debate Event Open Only to Women and Transgenders

“Women and anyone who does not identify as cis male will be welcome to compete.”

Imagine if an event like this barred women and trans people. All hell would break loose.

The English voice of the Islamic State steps out of the shadows. He’s a Canadian

More than four years ago, the FBI appealed to the public to help identify the narrator in one of the Islamic State group’s best-known videos, showing captured Syrian soldiers digging their own graves and then being shot in the head.

Speaking fluent English with a North American accent, the man would go on to narrate countless other videos and radio broadcasts by the Islamic State, serving as the terrorist group’s faceless evangelist to Americans and other English speakers seeking to learn about its toxic ideology.

Now a 35-year-old Canadian citizen, who studied at a college in Toronto and once worked in information technology at a company contracted by IBM, says he is the anonymous narrator.

Bill Gates Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let’s Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries’

For almost a century, electricity generation and distribution were treated as a tightly integrated system: it was designed and built as one, and is meant to operate as designed. However, the chaotic delivery of wind and solar have all but trashed the electricity generation and delivery system, as we know it. Germany and South Australia are only the most obvious examples.

During an interview at Stanford University late last year, Bill Gates attacks the idiots who believe that we’re all just a heartbeat away from an all wind and sun powered future.

Trans activists hate these two powerful women

My Canadian subject is outspoken Vancouver feminist blogger Meghan Murphy. In October, to regain access to her Twitter account, Murphy was forced to delete tweets, such as “Women aren’t men,” and “What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?”