The hole that Gerry Butts leaves behind

…Trudeau needed to throw the mob a head, to release pressure, allow the government to show that it’s done something, appease his rattled caucus and get a bit of room to manoeuvre.

Butts’s departure certainly serves a short-term political goal, allowing Trudeau to signal that he is regrouping for the election ahead, but we are likely only at the beginning of the second act of l’Affaire SNC-Lavalin, and it is not clear that Trudeau will be better off without Butts, his capable and trusted lieutenant, in the scenes as yet unwritten.

You just can’t ignore a headline like that.

Butts claims it has nothing to do with SNC-Lavalin and it may be true.

It may be that Butts was so obnoxious he was finally booted simply to avoid an LPC revolt.

More likely this was an attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

Appease a grumpy caucus and pretend they care they got caught on the SNC-Lavalin affair by offering an apparent public sacrifice.

A third but more remote possibility exists and it may be Butts comments on climate change indicate the real reason for his departure.

Maybe Butt’s rival puppet-masters are questioning the LPC’s re-election chances thanks to the eco-loon carbon tax scam and he lost in a power play. 

Whatever the truth while Butts may be officially gone it is almost certain he will not be distanced.

I expect he’ll still be whispering sweet “policy” nothings to Justin with the added bonus both can claim it never happened and Justin has been turned into a real boy at last.