What if Pope Francis resigned?

Along the lines of my original intention as a faithful Catholic, to write about the ongoing meltdown from the perspective of “Who is honestly trying to answer questions I really have?”:

From William Kilpatrick at The Catholic Thing:

The reason that the resignation of the pope alone is not sufficient to bring about reform is that, as things stand now, the election of the next pope will be largely in the hands of cardinals created by Francis. Of the cardinal electors, 59 have been appointed by Francis, 47 by Pope Benedict XVI and 19 by Pope John Paul II. And those appointed by Benedict and John Paul are quite probably near the cut-off age for voting.

Moreover, if Fr. James Martin is to be believed, Pope Francis has purposely “appointed gay-friendly bishops and archbishops and cardinals.” Like Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Pope Francis seems to choose his “team” with an eye toward ideological conformity

The presence of so many Francis appointees in the College of Cardinals puts a crimp in another scenario. Some Catholics who have given up on the hope that Francis will seriously tackle the abuse crisis, think that all that is necessary is to wait him out. They reason that he is getting along in years, and is unlikely to reign much longer. But this too ignores the fact that Francis has already stacked the College of Cardinals with prelates who are made in his own image, and who are therefore likely to elect someone like him. More.

Reality check: A really “woke” Church would not actually care that much about its own survival, come to think about it. One can put a Big Cool spin on anything.

Note: Archbishop McCarrick has been defrocked (“fired”) as a priest but analysts say that means little, considering that his power base at the Vatican is intact.

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Pope Francis fiddles while the Church burns Odd that Francis is committed to social justice for everyone and everything except people harmed and wronged by the institutional Church. But, come to think of it, that makes him an exemplary progressive.