Understanding why the NYC progressives kited Amazon

From Noah Rothman at Commentary:

This is a strange new species of success. It’s one thing to be philosophically opposed to tax incentives of any sort for firms that meet the requirements arbitrarily imposed on them by the political class, but that’s not the progressive left’s objection here. They don’t want a freer and flatter tax structure. The don’t oppose using tax policy to induce certain behaviors from companies and individuals. They just didn’t like this company, in part, because of its conspicuous success…

Progressive politicians like Ocasio-Cortez are responding to a new incentive structure. It used to be that their constituents rewarded politicians for attracting businesses to their districts. But for a political class that views private enterprise with suspicion, large firms like Amazon and the affluence they create represents a threat. Today, Ocasio-Cortez and her allies are celebrating a victory. But when Amazon invests in a more deserving economic climate than New York’s and the fruits of that venture are being enjoyed elsewhere, that victory is going to look more like the pyrrhic sort.More.

Reality check: The new incentive structure, both in New York City and in any progressive-run venue in Canada as well is that you pay taxes for their lifestyle and consider yourself unworthy of so great a privilege.

See also: Shortage of baristas looms! Only five students taking “gender studies” course! (Progressives will ask, why should students finance gender studies courses by working at Amazon? Taxpayers can fund it all and consider ourselves lucky for a chance to do so. Indeed, tax money will be employing the graduates all their lives if progressives have their way. But if progressives lose, there will be five more “Would you like whipped cream with that?”s in the workplace.)