The real problem, US media tell us, is that Republicans “pounce on” Democrats

From Ben Shapiro at Townhall:

Two weeks ago, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam stated in an interview that he favors legislation that would allow a woman to abort a baby at the point of dilation and then added that in certain cases in which a baby would be born alive, the baby would be kept “comfortable” while parents and doctors decide what to do with it. This seems rather radical. Here was the Washington Post’s take, as said in a headline: “Republicans seize on liberal positions to paint Democrats as radical.” The positions, you see, are actually mainstream. It’s just that Republicans seized on them and painted them as radical. More.

Reality check: Shapiro cites several other examples from media coverage. It’s telling how these media have so little interest in actual news coverage as opposed to news manipulation. There’s a risk that some would stop us from getting information elsewhere if they could.

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