The incredible miscalculation by Trudeau and co.

…This is rattling Liberals, and will put pressure on Trudeau to get rid of Telford or Butts, who Liberal MPs resent for their historically unusual centrality to his government.

My bet is…

No one of importance if anyone will take a fall for this. The LPC is an arrogant and deceitful beast, every means possible will be used to derail and or delay a proper investigation.

They will do so sure in the knowledge that as the election begins its “trusted media” will fall into step and sing the praises of Little Lord Justin as they have done these 4 years past.

I find it hilarious to see certain “journalists” being praised for having dared point out what we peasants have known since Day 1 – Justin is a dim-witted puppet with a delusional degree of self-regard. That Trudeau is an obvious and smarmy fraud somehow escaped the majority of our MSM who happily helped elect the Liberal Party and have now been rewarded with our tax dollars.

In a week we’ll be back to this…