Oh come on, no one is shocked or even mildly surprised by Liberal Party corruption

Paul Wells of McLean’s has written Canada, the show  in which he professes surprise and disappointment at the back-room dealings exposed in the SNC-Lavalin affair, why he’s almost in shock! Shock I tell you! – “You thought this government was about family benefits and boil-water advisories? The Lavalin affair offers a glimpse of the real scene—maybe the real Canada.”

Seriously? Is anyone over aged 8 shocked to learn that Canada is run for the benefit of the Liberal Party and its crony capitalist backers?

I mean besides the media cheerleaders who helped elect the cardboard cutout known as Justin Trudeau.

You shouldn’t be surprised at the antics of a Liberal party whose moral universe dictates no strings attached abortion on demand and the demonization of its opponents. Or whose “leader” experiences sexual assault differently than his victim.

A brokerage party that has weaponized “diversity and multiculturalism” to implement a divisive mass immigration policy that benefits – Surprise! Our corporate welfare class.

The antics of a party that labels  citizens who object to their mass-immigration Ponzi-scheme as intolerant, racists, islamophobes &  Nazis has surprised you with its shady dealings? Really?

You’re shocked that a party run by eco-luddites who have destroyed the livelihood of Albertans,  enthusiastically kow-tows to UN Diktats, and wastes our tax-dollars by the barrel-full on foreign vanity projects rather than helping its own citizens is maybe just a wee-bit corrupt at its heart?

Interference with the judiciary? By this government? I’m shocked! Why that hasn’t happened since.. well… the Boushie trial. And… oh yea, that China thing and uh… maybe that Norman thing.

They created a law to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook and grease Quebec palms for crying out loud. That meets the definition of corruption in most dictionary’s.

For all that and its renowned incompetence in all other matters domestic and foreign you still express surprise that this government maybe doesn’t have the interests of Canadians at heart? The party that gave us Adscam is suddenly a pillar of righteous integrity? You believed that?

Thank goodness for our insightful, unbiased, uncompromised media. I think.