Evening Photos + Cat

(1) Light and shadow (Exmoor, England) by Andy Stuthridge Nature Images

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(2) Autumn gold (Hungary) by Márk Borbély

(3) Wonderland Trail (Mount Rainier National Park, Washington) by Pedalhead’71

(4) March birches (Nizhnyaya Tura, Sverdlovsk Region, Russia) by (@igosheff)

(5) Snowy Senso-Ji Temple entrance (Japan) by Yuichi Yokota (@yokoichi777)

(6) Mount Adams seen from Hood River (Oregon) by Rob Eztel

(7) Sunny day in autumn (Trier, Germany) by Christian Müller

(8) Spring snow (Central Park, New York City, NY) by (@212sid)

(9) Spring morning mist (Lithuania) by RE~gi~NA

(10) Snowy mountains (Rossland, BC) by Christine Andison (@christineandison)

(11) Autumn Reflection (Kananaskis Country) by Hong Zeng

(12) Château de Versailles (Paris, France) by Chantal (@clangart)

(Bonus) Snow day, a good day to be inside! by Valeria Lau (@valerialauu)


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A photo numbered with an asterisk, for example, (2*), means it is a knowing reuse of an older photo. There are some that been unknowingly reused. One scenario is caused by photographers posting their material to more than one platform. I use “like” to indicate that I have pinned that photo. Clearly, if they have the same photo on another platform, there is nothing but my imperfect memory to guide me.


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