Evening Photos + Cats and boxes

(1) Solstice sunset at the St. Joseph Lighthouses (Michigan) by Kenneth Keifer

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(2) Lagoon and eucalyptus trees (Milawa, Victoria, Australia) by Ian Rolfe Southern Lightscapes (@iancrolfe)

(3) Country road in winter (Finland) by Asko Kuittinen

(4) The Carbide waterfalls (Gatineau, Quebec) by Christopher Austin (@caustin89)

(5*) Lightening at Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte (Arizona) by Guy Schmickle

(6) Alexander Garden (Moscow, Russia) by Архитектура Москва Крижевская (@elena.krizhevskaya)

(7*) Lake Superior seen through the autumn colors on the Middle Falls Trail (Grand Portage State Park, Minnesota) by Travis Novitsky

(8) Muzeon Park with the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in the distance (Moscow, Russia) by Архитектура Москва Крижевская (@elena.krizhevskaya)

(9) Winter sunset (Finland) by Pekka Ähkynen (@pekka.ahkynen)

(10) Path in the forest (Squamish, BC) by Carlos D. Ramirez

(11) Cosmos by Anastasia Ri

(12) Boston in the snow (Massachusetts) by Victorio Nakata (@vic_nkt)

(Bonus) Cats and boxes by Jose Lai


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A photo numbered with an asterisk, for example, (2*), means it is a knowing reuse of an older photo. There are some that been unknowingly reused. One scenario is caused by photographers posting their material to more than one platform. I use “like” to indicate that I have pinned that photo. Clearly, if they have the same photo on another platform, there is nothing but my imperfect memory to guide me.


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