Why Twitter censors went nuts over “learn to code”

Here’s another instance of people answering questions I had: Recall that when a whole bunch of former journalists and now progressive operatives got laid off from dying media organizations, people who suggested they learn to code got shut down at Twitter?

It wasn’t really that awful a thing to say, was it? You can make good money programming and it’s not immoral. Turns out journalists have a special relationship with Twitter.

From Mark Hemingway at The Federalist:

So what do journalists really get out of Twitter? As a promotional tool for the work of journalists, its utility is comparatively limited—only about 7 percent of Americans have Twitter accounts, compared to the more than 40 percent who use Facebook. However, I suspect the percentage of journalists who are on Twitter is near universal. If you’re a journalist, Twitter provides ample opportunities for networking, and allows you to get a sense of what your colleagues are up to.

At the same time, Twitter seems to cater to journalists because getting access to insider-y thoughts of America’s top reporters is a big selling point for attracting new users. It’s probably not a coincidence that Twitter was quick to suspend accounts tweeting “learn to code” at laid off journalists in recent weeks even though the sentiment is pretty benign compared to other supposed examples of “targeted harassment” that they routinely tolerate.More.

Reality check: Okay, so that’s it. Twitter was catering to the sensitivities of the out of work journos who are way more important to Twitter than they are to, say, Facebook.

Funny thing, when it was suggested recently that hillbillies learn to code, the hillbillies just did. And nobody thought they were being put down. See The Hills Go High Tech “A hillbilly can do anything.”  It turns out they can code. One wonders if the journos who make fun of them can code.

See also: Pollster: What the reaction to the Covington kids really says about the US. The conservatives knew that the media would misrepresent the story in order to tell the liberals what they wanted to hear and needed to believe. So did the liberals. It’s called The Narrative. Facts that do not support the narrative are WrongThink.