Why infanticide is going mainstream

From Wesley J.Smith at First Things:

The events of the last few weeks have moved the “Neuhaus Gauge” on infanticide from “debatable” to “justifiable” because it is now being embraced within the political and cultural mainstream. New York recently legalized late-term abortion and repealed a law requiring doctors to care for babies who survive abortions. A similar Virginia proposal made huge news but failed in committee. Rhode Island has a similar bill pending, supported by its governor. Meanwhile a Vermont bill aims to make abortion an absolute right without any limitation as to time of gestation, purpose, or method. The bill has 91 co-sponsors.

Further evidence can be seen in the support Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam received after asserting that babies who survive late-term abortion can legally be left to die. More.

Reality check: In the age of euthanasia, we are all “the fetus” now so it was bound to spill over from abortion.

It’s not that anyone is exactly planning this, it’s that things will work out the easiest this way: In a society that slowly becomes thoroughly accustomed to the idea that a person should be able to choose to die whenever they want, a progressive government needs only to supply the circumstances in which they want it. To people also accustomed to relying on government, the government can promise large and provide little. Long lineups for health care, loneliness in old age, and homelessness (high among people with mental issues) will create the circumstances in which people wish for death and frequent euthanasia will take the edge off the problems.

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