Columnist misses the point about the Democrats

From Derek Hunter at Townhall:

Democrats preach tolerance while celebrating the hatred of Israel. They award themselves the mantle of “champions of women” while one of their own is credibly accused of rape. They actively cheer legalizing infanticide, then deny the did it. They decry racism while backing off calls for the resignations of 2 statewide officials with a history of painting themselves in blackface. More.

Reality check: His anger is easier to understand than his proposed solution. What happens when the Democrats or Liberals are not in power to chip away at the right to live or intellectual freedom or whatever their target is? Republicans or Conservatives replace them and diddle around for years collecting pay and perks until the real power is back.

The Republicans hate Donald Trump because he actually intends to do something. Whether what he wants to do is good or bad, that’s not allowed. If we had someone like that in Canada, the Conservatives would hate that person.

Prediction: Now that the Liberals here have put the media on welfare, the Conservatives, if they come to power, will refuse to dump them off it. Then the media will campaign all out for the Liberals to come back to power again, so they can get ever more and bigger welfare. They can trash us all and force us to pay for it. And as for dumping the CBC off the public purse, forget it. Even Harper didn’t do that.

There is no point wasting energy hating the Democrats or the Liberals unless and until there is a real alternative to them.

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