PMO to peons: Undermining the rule of law to favour connected LPC pals is called “vigorous debate” so shut up already

SNC-Lavalin needed what Jody Wilson-Raybould wouldn’t give it

You can’t accuse SNC-Lavalin of being bashful.

Here’s a video the mighty Montreal-based engineering conglomerate posted on YouTube three months ago. It features CEO Neil Bruce, whose Scottish brogue makes him sound right out of the early days of the Canadian Pacific Railway, talking about how SNC helped build Canada. And how “not being invited in to negotiate a remediation agreement is fundamentally unfair to the innocents: The innocent employees, the shareholders, pensioners, supply-chain clients.”

The PMO informed the Globe that we peons should not confuse “vigorous debate” with corruption of the judicial system to favour the wealthy and connected. Because different when Liberals do it.

Could it be that the Liberal Party feared the political fallout in Quebec if SNC-Lavalin were treated like regular grifters? In an election year of all times? Oh mercy no! How could you think such a thing?