Crowds cheer as they watched officials publicly execute two pedophiles for sexually assaulting and murdering 12-year-old boy

Two pedophiles from Yemen, Wadah Refat and Mohamed Khaled, marched at gunpoint as they walked through a mob who was awaiting a public execution in the port city of Aden. The accused, 28-year-old Refat and the 31-year-old Khaled were sentenced to death in public for abducting, raping and murdering a 12-year-old boy, Mohammed Saad. People gathered in droves to watch the two men who had dragged Saad into their home and sexually assaulted him in May 2018. They were made to lie down on the ground with AK-47s pointed at them, and the gathered crowd cheered and recorded the event as the officials pumped the bullets into the accused men.