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It’s OK that conservatives don’t feel welcome

As we emerge from another bad State of the Union address from an even worse president, it seems appropriate to reflect on the young members of the ideological movement that created him. Across the country at schools like ours, college right-wingers say they face social isolation because of their beliefs.

Some conservatives at Washington University feel this way. An article in the WU: In Focus issue from late last semester—which I just read last week, so maybe take that into account when you’re evaluating my credibility—profiled several conservative students who’ve experienced negative social ramifications for their politics. They feel their beliefs aren’t welcome on our campus. And I’d just like to say: That’s fine.

The phone that can identify you from the way you WALK: All-knowing smartphones that monitor EVERY movement is developed for the Pentagon

Bosses could soon be monitoring employees even in their spare time, if developments at the US’s Department of Defense (DOD) are anything to go by.

A New-York based startup has been awarded £1.87 million ($2.42m) to create AI driven smartphone software that constantly learns what its user is doing.

The software will even know its owner so well that it can tell a change in identity through whoever is holding the phone walks.

How Canada encourages corrupt companies

Whether the corruption charges against SNC-Lavalin were the work of a few bad apples, as the company’s spokesmen claim, or whether the company was infused with a culture of corruption, is about to be examined in court. Filings from individuals, including those who have been charged themselves, suggest that, contrary to claims from the company’s executives and former directors, bribery and corruption was systemic and well-known.

Adults go wild as 9-year-old drag queen dances for dollars

Details of degeneracy.

In Lancaster Ohio, a 9-year-old boy recently put on a show at a local bar by dressing in drag and performing a sexually suggestive routine to raise cash for charities.

“Miss Mae Hem” sparked outrage in the community after a video surfaced in December showing the boy shaking his money maker for a group of adults at JD Henderson’s Sports Bar, which alleges no advanced knowledge of the performance.

Outraged parents are now calling on the state’s Attorney General to stop the “child exploitation.”

Kitchener man sent to prison for ‘inexplicable’ knife attack on friend

A Kitchener man who attacked a friend with a knife, causing “devastating” injuries, has been sent to prison for three years.

Abdulkadir Mohamed, 37, had been living temporarily in Steven Hart’s Kitchener apartment when he barged into the bathroom, shoved Hart to the ground, jumped on top of him and pulled what was described as a “Rambo knife.”