Why isn’t Jody Wilson-Raybould talking?

Many questions were raised by The Globe and Mail’s story this week about allegations from unnamed sources that Jody Wilson-Raybould—back when she was federal justice minister and attorney general—was pressured by Prime Minister’s Office officials in a criminal case involving the engineering company SNC-Lavalin.

But Wilson-Raybould, who is now veterans’ affairs minister, says she can’t answer any of those questions. Maclean’s spoke with University of British Columbia law professor Andrew Flavelle Martin, an expert on legal ethics, about the obligations and conventions that apply.

I still don’t see the problem in Wilson-Raybould denying something that at least according to PM Idiot “didn’t” happen. Seems a stretch to fall back on client-solicitor privilege if they have nothing to hide. And if as a formality privilege must be waived why hasn’t PM Idiot done so?