What made the Covington high school boys a story anyway?

I watched this video made by his family’s lawyer. Bearing in mind the source (this is the plaintiff’s brief, after all), one thing stands out for me:

Reality check: Really and truly, what happened here? Was anyone killed? Injured? Was there rioting? Bombs? Defacement of the monument? Nope. Nada. Zilch.

What would the police say? Probably something like, “Look, keep it civil, will you? Keep more of a distance.”

This would not even have been a story but for the bicoastal elite’s—and consequently its servile media’s—obsessions. Yet death threats against the kids’ families resulted.

The elite and their media are becoming more than a minor problem for the rest of us. It is becoming very important to retire the Conservatives-for-a-living in favour of competent people who are not trying to sell out to progressives.

Remember, the Conservatives-for-a-living turned on the Covington kids without knowing the story. That should never be forgotten.

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