Interest in the Superbowl declines as its “wokeness” rises

From Joseph D’Hippolito at The Federalist:

Only 44.9 percent––the worst overnight ratings for the Super Bowl in 10 years––watched the Patriots’ 13-3 victory…

Those figures follow a five-year decline in viewership. Since the 2015 Super Bowl, which attracted a rating of 49.7 percent, overnight ratings have decreased every year. The difference in figures between this year and 2015 is 5.2 percent…

Political allegiances played a decisive role in the results. Among Republicans, unfavorable opinion of the NFL exceeded positive views by 18 percent. The opposite held true for Democrats, with positive assessments out-polling negative ones by 12 percent. More.

Reality check: I’d be interested to hear of cases where getting woke actually pays off. That is, cases where it is an answer to the firm’s problems instead of a symptom of decline that is respectable among progressives in the media and therefore earns the firm free publicity.

See also: Sure enough, Gillette is a sunset business anyway… By experience, I find that the Get Woke Go Broke people are, more often than not, already subject to market forces that bode no good for them. They are parasitized by the raging Woke when they are already weakened.