Do you remember when that SNC-Lavalin Staffer organized that Pro-Assad Rally at Queen’s Park?

I sure do. I covered that rally in July 2011. It received virtually no media attention beyond a brief nod from City-Pulse that I am aware of.

Now I’m certain it had nothing to do with SNC-Lavalin’s involvement with a Syrian pipeline project that was threatened by the uprising against Assad. It was all about peace, unity & democracy, yea that’s it democracy and stuff.

It was a well attended rally, and the email itself was sent via the Canadian Arab Federation’s mail list to which I was subscribed. You remember CAF? Justin’s buddy Omar Alghabra used to be it’s president, when it was all moderate and non-jew-hatey of course.

Above is the the letter sent by the SNC-Lavalin staffer, I used it in my video which you may watch below.