Blackface in Virginia: Did the Republicans sit on the evidence during the campaign?

That was the first question that had occurred to me when the story broke.

When the scandal broke about Virginian Governor Infanticide’s pictures in blackface (leaked by a horrified former fellow medical student, we are told), one huge question was, why didn’t his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie’s team find the pictures first? Why did it take someone freaked out by Democrat’s now-open espousal of ending the lives of survivors of very late abortions to finally uncover what many must have known about him (and, it turns out, other Virginia Democrats)? \

Well, from streiff at Redstate:

Having observed a boat-load of GOP campaigns over the years, I find nothing at all implausible about the Gillespie campaign having the material and deciding not to use it. From what I’ve seen of Vichy Republicans in action at fairly close range, I’d actually be more shocked if it was used than finding it wasn’t. In fact, one of the reasons Kessler gives as to why the story might be false is actually one of the reasons why Gillespie might have decided not to use it …

So finding a GOP campaign acting against its own interests for the sake of being a noble loser isn’t new. I would submit the 2008 McCain campaign had as its objective to be a gracious loser to the first viable black presidential candidate. I’ve never really been convinced Mitt Romney wanted anything more than to lose cleanly in 2012.

As to the denials, if you’d had the images and chosen not to use them because you wanted to take the high road and protect “muh principles,” knowing what you know today, would you admit to not using them? My guess is that you would deny knowing anything about them and take the hit for being merely incompetent. More.

Reality check: You will only understand why Trump won if you take into account the fact that—very unusually for a Republican—he actually wanted to win. It will be telling indeed if the American (and Canadian) conservative electorate continue to sponsor and fund candidates that enjoy posing as graceful losers. They don’t have to.

See also: Mark Steyn on the Conservative Flash Mob against the Covington School Kids “What’s disturbing about this fake hate crime is not that the Twitter mob scented blood in its nostrils and went bounding after its prey, but that a big chunk of Conservative Inc piled on, as enthusiastically as the left.” Conservative, Inc., showed what it really believes about the people fool enough to fund it.