The Terrors Of Dr.Suzuki

In the 2010 film Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie and a related National Film Board interactive website, famed Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki indicts “suicidal” human population and economic growth by drawing an analogy between its impact on our finite planet and exponential bacterial growth in a test tube full of food. In the latter system, one bacterium divides every minute. At the beginning there is only one, but a minute later there are two bacteria. At two minutes there are four, at three minutes eight, at four minutes 16, and so on. At 59 minutes, we are told, the tube is only half full, but due to exponential growth at 60 minutes it will be full – and all the food will be gone. The camera swoops in for a close-up of Suzuki as he delivers the kicker: “Every scientist I’ve talked to agrees we’re past the fifty-ninth minute!”