CBC can’t beat Netflix’s ‘imperialism’ with subsidized Cancon nobody watches

As she may now regret having done, CBC president Catherine Tait wandered off script last week to compare the popularity of Netflix, a U.S. multinational, with the French and British empires. You have to be careful, she reminded us, taking a trope from Donald Trump, of the harm foreign influences can do to domestic communities. Nineteenth-century Brits may have thought they were doing good by painting the globe pink, but many of those painted didn’t agree.

There’s nothing worse you can call somebody in this day and age than “imperialist.” Unless maybe it’s “settler” or “white male.” But give Mme President the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it’s not so great if everyone in the world (I exaggerate) gets their entertainment from the same source.

I don’t subscribe to Netflix and don’t watch CBC but do visit the news site. We do have cable TV though but will likely cut the cord – one day. Hollywood? There are only so many SJW actors and Superhero movies one can stomach in a lifetime, I have seen my fill. Cancon has always seemed a sort of 3rd rate cheerleading squad, patronizing and too often the product of toxic leftists giving grants to their equally toxic friends.