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The left has decided wealth is just evil

Watch out, America: Democrats’ class warfare is back with a vengeance. Your money belongs to them to redistribute as they see fit. As Mayor de Blasio put it recently, “The money is in the wrong hands.” That is, it’s in your hands, not his.

Take Elizabeth Warren, echoing socialist Bernie Sanders and his mini-me Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Warren’s pitching an “ultra millionaire tax” on wealth. And having fun berating rich people.

Ontario Child Services denies couple seeking to foster solely due to Christian beliefs

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( has sent a legal demand letter to Simcoe Muskoka Child, Youth and Family Services (“Child Services”) calling upon it to reverse its decision to dismiss the application of a loving couple seeking to become foster parents.

In November 2017, the couple “L” and “A,” who wish to remain anonymous, applied to become foster parents. They started the required training in January 2018 and completed it in March. After they completed the training, a Child Services social worker interviewed the couple.

What’s Driving Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria

Parents used to worry about “peer pressure” encouraging their kids to experiment with alcohol or drugs, or to have sex. Now, they have to worry that it may encourage their kids (especially daughters) to change sex altogether.

If you are a parent of a child or teenager, you owe it to yourself to read World magazine’s latest cover story, which addresses the relatively new but expanding phenomenon of “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” abbreviated “ROGD.”

Boy Scouts organization inaugurates first all-girls troops

Washington, D.C., marked the end — and the beginning — of an era this weekend when the Boy Scouts of America established its first all-girl troops in the nation’s capital.

Now known as Scouts BSA, the organization — which celebrates its 109th birthday on Friday — has begun welcoming girls in a rebranding effort amid dwindling membership, sex abuse scandals and criticism from the equally venerable Girl Scouts of the USA.

Trudeau Government To Give $53 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Organizations & Countries Surrounding Venezuela

The Trudeau government is giving more taxpayer dollars away to foreign countries and non citizens.

According to the CP, “Trudeau also announced $53 million worth of humanitarian assistance Monday for the “most-pressing needs” of Venezuelans, including the almost 3 million refugees. The funds will go to “trusted partners” and neighbouring countries, he said.”