Shortage of baristas looms! Only five students taking “gender studies” course

From Jesse Stiller at Campus Reform:

South Dakota State University’s women’s and gender studies minor enrollment has dropped to a single-digit number for the spring 2019 semester.

Only five students remain in the program, according to The Collegian. But Gender and Women’s Studies program coordinator Becky Kuel is looking to expand the program and has reached out to organizations such as the Feminist Equality Movement and Office of Diversity in order to sign a diverse array of students up for the program.

“It’s important because it’s really one of the few programs on campus where students are really exposed to the social construction of gender and sexuality to open up to more of an awareness to make interactions more valuable,” Kuehl, who is also a communications professor, said to The Collegian. More.

Reality check: Fundamentally, bitching is not a career and it shouldn’t cost people a lot of money to learn how to make and serve coffee to people smarter than themselves. Especially when they have to face the fact that those people didn’t even need to be smart to be way smarter than anyone who got involved with grievance studies who has no future as a politician or bureaucrat.

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