Pope warns Catholics, don’t expect too much from sex abuse summit

From Brianna Heldt at Townhall:

Pope Francis has told Catholics they should have “deflated” expectations about the upcoming Vatican summit on the clergy sexual abuse crisis, and that the problem of clergy sexual abuse will not likely be resolved.

The pontiff made the controversial remarks on an overnight flight back to Rome, after the conclusion of World Youth Day in Panama. He was holding a news conference for journalists in the plane’s cabin…

The Vatican’s summit on clergy sexual abuse is scheduled for February 21-24. More.

Reality check: Knowledgeable people keep telling me that Pope Francis and his advisers seem to be living in a bubble about the impact of the crisis on the reputation of the Church and the trust of faithful Catholics. They seem to have lost touch with the very concept of holiness of life. Francis treats the whole thing as a mere administrative issue, as in this quotation from Heldt’s story: “During the exchange, Pope Francis laid out the specific goals he has for the February summit. He hopes to help church leaders understand the pain that victims of clergy sexual abuse have experienced, and to develop protocols that can be used in cases of alleged abuse. The goals were decided upon by the pope’s council of cardinal advisers.” Blah blah blah. You’d think he was the government.

Advice from the prophet Joel: Rend your heart and not your garments.

The Lord is patient and slow to anger but not helpless.

See also: Pope Francis fiddles while the Church burns Odd that Francis is committed to social justice for everyone and everything except people harmed and wronged by the institutional Church. But, come to think of it, that makes him an exemplary progressive.

Catholic Church sex scandal gets complicated One can only hope there are enough high-ranking clerics who are not implicated to make an investigation feasible.