Canada must reassess its approach to China – if not, we may get steamrolled by the world’s new juggernaut

The Chinese Communist Party must be looking at the debacle over Huawei and the arrest of chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou, and scratching its head in disbelief.

After all, this is just the sort of acutely embarrassing situation the party’s 70-year campaign to embed agents of influence in Canada was meant to ensure never happened. For most of those decades, the CCP’s influence among Canada’s political, business and academic establishments has ensured that Beijing’s interests have never been seriously challenged. Now, however, we may be facing a moment of crisis in Canada-China relations.

It is also a major opportunity for Canada to reaffirm its civic values and solidify global middle-power democratic alliances. Beijing’s influence among Canada’s elites has fallen foul of Canadian democracy, and the Canadian public says consistently in opinion polls that it is far more skeptical about the CCP than are national opinion-makers.

The political/corporate class could not care less about the China threat so long as they can line their pockets – you don’t matter.