Abortion and slavery as “positively good” things

From Kyle Sammin at The Federalist:

New York’s legislature last week passed a bill that drastically expanded access to late-term abortion in that state. Although ghoulish, it was unsurprising. It fits neatly within the mainstream opinion of the 21st-century Democratic Party. Neither was Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature a surprise, since the governor has followed the well-worn path of fake-Catholic Democrats on the subject.

Vermont and Virginia are considering similar laws. The shift has been building for some time. The radical fringe that pushes abortion rights has dropped all pretense that abortion has any downsides.

And then, of course, later last week there was the infanticide-and-blackface-friendly governor of Virginia, never mind the “shout your abortion” folk…

There’s a historical precedent, Sammin explains, for the sudden shift toward extremism in live baby dismemberment and death, if we look at the arguments for slavery in the 19th century in the United States. There was an abrupt shift in the mid-1830s from slavery as a necessary evil to slavery as a positive good, a shift to “to a new, more aggressive pro-slavery ideology,” similar to what we see in abortion activism today. Back then, it prompted a pro-freedom reaction:

From then on, the debate was irrevocably changed. Advocates of a managed decline of slavery diminished, and pro-slavery fire-eaters gained in prominence. Increased attention to the issue made Northerners more extreme, too.

Where many had opposed slavery but been content to ignore it now that it was gone from their backyards, increasing debate and popular literature—including Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”—forced them to confront the hateful thing directly. Once their eyes were opened, many did not like what they saw. The two sides soon had no common ground, and only war would resolve the issue.

The parallels to the abortion debate are unmistakable. Although Cuomo lacks Calhoun’s rhetorical skill, his devotion to an unjust cause matches the South Carolinian’s. The #ShoutYourAbortion campaign began in 2015, and in 2019 it has only increased in reach. Abortion’s defenders now see that unholy act as a positive good in the world, not just a necessary evil. The lights of the World Trade Center were a burnt offering to Moloch, a pledge of allegiance to the cause of infanticide. This is abortion’s Calhoun moment. More.

Reality check: Yes, and in  the age of euthanasia, we are all “the fetus” now… But will the haze of pot smoke and piles of free stuff from bankrupt governments mortgaging our future prevent most of us from seeing that?

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