A Ridiculous Study in the British Medical Journal Claims Brexit Will Kill 12,000

Not 12,000 Eurocrat rules but 12,000 Brits. From Chuck Dinerstein at American Council on Science and Health, who calls it “mathemagic”:

The researchers made use of previously published data, specifically how much more individuals would be willing to pay for fruits and vegetables (economically, the elasticity of prices), the amount of fruits and vegetables the Brits are eating, and how those amounts impact cardiac risk. A resulting paper represents a fun exercise in putting numbers into equations to generate results, most likely phony ones. More.

Apparently, all those Eurocracy-free Brits will die of malnutrition.

Reality check: Expect lots more of these ridiculous kinds of scare stats about all kinds of situations where the public decides to ignore elite demands. Remember, our betters genuinely think we are stupid.

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