Conrad Black: In defence of my dear friend Mark Steyn

Normally I would not inflict on National Post readers anything about the vagaries of the U.S. justice system, but the harassments of my illustrious friend Mark Steyn, with whose brilliant writing most National Post readers would be familiar, are a legitimate news story, and they now have a personal aspect for me.

Many will remember that Mark set up a television comment and production business in Vermont a few years ago, with the controversial entrepreneur, Cary Katz. Katz made a substantial fortune lending money to university students, and collecting in, according to the admittedly suspect New York State attorney general, an allegedly predatory manner. He loaned out a total of US$19 billion, and did well in that business. He is also a professional poker player and pioneer in television poker. Katz is a television impresario and was the founder of CRTV — Conservative Review television — and the television network Poker Central. He is a major shareholder in both, although CRTV last year merged with Glenn Beck’s TV outlet, The Blaze.