A New Poll Suggests It Will Not Be Easy For Justin Trudeau To Win The Election In Canada This Year

“The Liberals maintain their lead and are still the favourites to win the election if these numbers hold until October,” said Quito Maggi, President and CEO of Mainstreet Research. “The Conservative vote remains inefficient thanks to their very large leads in the Prairies.”

Among decided and leaning voters, the Liberals led by Justin Trudeau have 37.2% support (-2.1% since our last poll in November), while the Conservatives led by Andrew Scheer have 35.1% (+0.5%). The NDP led by Jagmeet Singh have 11.5% support (+0.7%), while the Greens with Elizabeth May at the helm have 7.2% (+0.4%). The Bloc Quebecois have 3.2% (-0.2%) overall, but have 13.5% in Quebec. The People’s Party led by Maxime Bernier have 4.2% (+0.4 %).

“The one major change since November is that the Liberals have surrendered the lead in BC to the Conservatives,” added Maggi. “This is due to an uptick in support for the NDP in that province.”