Fare-Dodger Dragged Off Train in Sweden

Two guards have been suspended for their brutal intervention during which they dragged a heavily pregnant woman off a train in Stockholm for having no valid ticket, the daily newspaper Expressen reported.

The woman was kicked off a metro train at Hötorget in Stockholm and had to go to the hospital, the police and public transportation company SL reported.

According to SL spokesman Henrik Palmér, the woman had no valid ticket and was ejected after “making strong opposition” and making it clear she was not going to pay the fee.

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Tomorrow all the witnesses that came forth with their evidence will be making their own reports. . . In these two videos you can see the victim dragged out of the train, her child taken from her and whilst she attempts to stand up she is held down. The full video is over 5 minutes long and I will try and edit and put it up tonight or tomorrow. . . After everything the Swedish public was shown in the recent @kallafaktatv4 documentary about how aftiswedes are racially profiled and mistreated this shouldn’t surprise anyone even if the victim is pregnant. The victim is currently in the hospital and all I can do is hope the baby is alright because if anything happens to that child. There will be hell to pay.

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