Trudeau’s response to McCallum is another example of amateur-hour bumbling

We now know that whatever John McCallum was trying to say about the detention of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, he screwed it up. And Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gets to own the whole debacle, even after he fired his ambassador to China.

It left behind a mess on many levels, complicating a high-stakes dispute with China and threatening to blow a hole in one of the best home-turf advantages an incumbent prime minister has: being the leader who deals with the world.

Foreign policy probably won’t drive most voters’ decisions in next October’s election, but episodes such as this can raise questions about whether the government is wobbly on the world stage – much like Mr. Trudeau’s gaffe-filled trip to India last February.

I think there are reasonable grounds to investigate whether McCallum was under the sway of the Chinese.