Stupid woman does stupid thing calls in UK’s latest crime fighters – The Tinder Police

Teaching assistant, 44, reports online lover to police for hiding his marriage from her as new figures reveal officers are dealing with 20 ‘Tinder crimes’ a week

The number of Tinder-related police call-outs has more than doubled in the last three years, official figures show.

Police now receive more than 20 reports a week linked to the online dating app. As recently as 2015, police had about eight Tinder-related calls a week, or a total of 442

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Police figures indicate this rose to 1,087 in 2018 – although as not every force provided a full set of figures, the true total is likely to be even higher.

The statistics come after teaching assistant Anna Rowe, 44, revealed how she went to the police after being duped into an affair with a married father she met on Tinder.

He had even used the same picture of Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan on his Tinder account, allowing him to continue lying to his family without the risk of being caught out.

She never met him. They chatted online. It’s shitty of him but hardly the crime of the century.