Germany: 14,000 illegal immigrants crossed border by bus and train

German federal police caught more than 14,000 people entering the country illegally on buses and trains in 2018, regional newspaper Rheinische Post reported on Monday.

An internal federal police document seen by the newspaper showed just under 8,000 migrants entered Germany on buses and slightly more than 6,000 on trains.

Most of the migrants were from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Mildly shocking that DW which is often worse than our own CBC for “pro-migrant” bias actually used the term “illegal” in its headline.

Meanwhile in Canada… LILLEY: Time for feds to pay costs for illegal border crossers

“Last week Toronto’s shelters were stretched to the max as a cold snap hit the city. Statistics show that over the past few years the shelter population has grown from 4,100 a night in 2016 Toronto to 6,700 a night in 2018.

On Thursday, the last night stats are available for, there were 6,868 people seeking urgent housing from the City of Toronto. Stats also show that the number of illegal border crossers/asylum seekers looking to the city has grown over the last two years from fewer than 700 to more than 2,500 a night.”

But neither the province nor the corrupt Liberal party who created this mess pays, we pay, all of it.