Duke University professor removed over ‘Speak English’ email

A US university professor has been removed as director of a graduate programme, amid a furore over an email she sent urging students not to speak Chinese.

Megan Neely, an assistant professor at Duke University in North Carolina, said in an email to students that two unnamed faculty members of the biostatistics Masters programme had complained to her about students speaking Chinese in public areas in the department.

She said that not speaking English could lead to “unintended consequences” for international students.

She’s right. I have decided I hate them, back to communist China they go, even if they’re not from there. There’s some fault here, for the prof who sent a poorly worded email and the profs who suggested it but as some students themselves have pointed out the prof is not considered “racist.” As you read the article the university SJW’s backing her ouster will remind you more and more of participating in a Maoist “Struggle Session” during the cultural revolution.