WARREN: A year and a half in, Scheer’s a disappointment

…He also needs to stop attacking Trudeau as an Ottawa elitist out of touch with the common person. Scheer has collected an MP’s salary since he was 25 years old. He has lived in two different houses payed for by the taxpayer, first as Speaker and now as Opposition leader.

He has a limo. He has gold-plated MP benefits. He has an MP’s pension.

Everything Scheer says about Trudeau being out of touch is actually true about Scheer himself.

Since age 25? Six of one, half a dozen of another. While I’m certain the PC’s are a better choice than the Trudeau Gong Show our politics are in need of a rethink. Scheer is a lackluster leader and a shining example of the “Politics as a Lifestyle Choice” predicament that has to end.

We need term limits as a first step to dismantling the grip of the permanent political class. Government is never your friend. Less government is always better. Fewer bureaucrats and politicians building well feathered fiefdoms and perpetually scheming to find new ways to criminalize and fleece citizens is always better.

The biggest task will be to fix a society poisoned by our politicos vote-whoring immigration policy and diversity antics. The situation is so ludicrous in Canada that we have both media and grandstanding politicians blindly defending a Mosque that once partnered with Muammar Gaddafi’s World Islamic Call Society, the one that got it’s money from his “Jihad Fund”, an outfit that was later stripped of its charity status by Canada Revenue – for  funding Islamic terror. But hey, gotta score some “diversity” points.  A good start will involve putting a stake through the heart of toxic identity-politics – official multiculturalism.

Make elected public service an honorable but always temporary, part-time endeavor.