Roundup of thoughts on the 1000-strong US media layoffs

From Sarah Fischer at Axios:

The media industry’s current round of cuts and consolidation is accelerating. Sizable layoffs at Buzzfeed, Gannett and Verizon Media (home of AOL, Yahoo, HuffPost and others) were announced Wednesday, totaling over 1,000 jobs cut.

Why it matters: If the headlines signal anything, it’s that the news media will continue to struggle to find a sustainable business model in an advertising and attention ecosystem dominated by tech companies like Google, Facebook and Netflix. More.

From Michael Barone at Townhall:

Anyone reading through the tweetstorms, especially of those who continue to vilify the Covington Catholic students, cannot help but be struck by the visceral and seething hatred of so many in the press for adolescents whose behavior was, at worst, a bit discourteous, but who are guilty of the offenses of being white, male, Catholic, pro-life and supportive of the current president.

Is this the behavior of a press that deserves to be respected and believed?More.

Reality check: If current media had their way, all the attributes listed would be serious offenses. Then they could double down on harassing such people, given that they aren’t apparently needed any more for reporting news.

From Jim Treacher at PJ Media, riffing off the Covington smear:

If you saw the hats and instantly knew everything you needed to know about those boys, maybe you’re a lousy journalist and you need to find a new job anyway.More.


Rod Dreher at American Conservative:

Kara Swisher, for example, an opinion columnist at the New York Times. Swisher went to Princeton Day School and then Georgetown, then got a graduate degree at Columbia. She’s become rich and famous, in the meantime, by toadying for billionaire tech CEOs. She’s their handmaiden. Nobody considers her very talented. And yet she’s somehow highly influential in our society. Is she more privilege “Consider d than the boys of Covington Catholic in Kentucky? Of course she is. Maybe that’s why she feels the need to call them Nazis, which she did, repeatedly.” More.

Reality check: But the word on the street is that Big Tech will buy and own these media, which means even more powerful directed propaganda. With zero interest in a free press. If only they could just die instead.

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