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How Real Is Systemic Racism Today?

Racist attitudes of whites towards blacks have long become socially unacceptable in America, although the reverse, racism of a minority directed at the white majority, is still tolerated or even encouraged. However, statistical racial disparities persist. African Americans, as a population, continue to suffer income, crime and incarceration rate, health, housing and family-structure deficits by comparison with the white population.

These disparities cannot easily be attributed to racist behavior by whites. The disparities have either increased or remained the same while individual racist behavior has declined. What then is the cause of these disparities?

Transgender movement is experimenting on children…the results are horrifying

We have suddenly discovered, just in the past few years, that there are apparently thousands upon thousands of children across the West born in the wrong body. Physicians, psychiatrists, and academics who protest this conclusion are savagely bullied into silence by activists who state that to disagree with this new ideology is bigotry. We are told that we must surgically alter these children if we are compassionate, and that castrations and mastectomies are life-saving treatments.

Setting The Record Straight: An Interview With Coleen Mac From The Yellow Vests Canada

The Canadian Yellow Vests have been holding rallies and protests across Canada, speaking out against the Trudeau government, and in support of Canada’s energy & political sovereignty.

The Yellow Vests have also been subject to media reports, including reports that have cast them in a negative light.

Conservatives must defeat socialists at the language game

As conservatives confront avowedly socialist policies from Democrats such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., we should be guided by a philosophy of diametric reciprocity. Namely, for each socialist policy, we should re-frame the issue and offer a conservative alternative.

We must sell our ideas as moral narratives. We must do so, because socialists such as Ocasio-Cortez, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., are masters at framing their ideas as self-evidently beneficial.

Beware fear-mongering: PM

Justin Trudeau is warning voters to be wary of fear-mongering about immigration, suggesting the issue will be a hot-button topic during the federal election campaign this fall.

The prime minister made the prediction Thursday during a town hall meeting in northern New Brunswick, where a young Syrian refugee thanked him for allowing her family to come to Canada.