Trudeau trots out refugee mascot, calls everyone who opposes insane immigration policy a fear monger

Trudeau warns voters to be wary of fear-mongering about immigration

Justin Trudeau is warning voters to be wary of fear-mongering about immigration, suggesting the issue will be a hot-button topic during the federal election campaign this fall.

The prime minister made the prediction Thursday during a town-hall meeting in northern New Brunswick, where a young Syrian refugee thanked him for allowing her family to come to Canada.

“I came all the way from Syria, and I came here to thank you,” Tasmeen Ali told the prime minister in a soft voice, her words met with warm applause from the 250 people gathered inside a high school in Miramichi.

Yea I bet that was as spontaneous as all his other photo-ops. Given Trudeau was likely informed in advance of the pending arrest of a Syrian refugee, this looks more and more like the whole event was stage managed damage control.