Most expensive minority group ever… Islam, Terrorism, Mental illness…again

Toronto woman convicted on terror-related charges says she now disagrees with facts of case

TORONTO – A Toronto woman found guilty of terror charges after an attack at a Canadian Tire says she now disagrees with the previously agreed-upon facts of her case for religious reasons, leaving the prosecution working to figure out how to proceed.

Rehab Dughmosh appeared in a Toronto court on Friday where the judge who will determine her sentence was hoping to get an update on her medical records from her time in jail and learn whether she was accepting treatment for her mental illness, which a psychiatrist has said is likely schizophrenia.

Another pair arrested today. I wonder how much Islam has cost Canada? We have to monitor Jihadi “citizens” at huge expense to our security services. Take them to trial, jail them. Hear their soft jihad court challenges demanding special privileges. Peacekeeping missions and foreign aid to Islamic shithole states. When does it end? Where does it end. Whose idea of a “fair deal” is this? Who thought a violent supremacist cult would contribute to Canadian society? Were they naive or just evil?