Wrong kid doxxed in meltdown against Covington High

From Matt Vespa at Townhall:

In the midst of progressive mob activity, one student from Cincinnati, Ohio was misidentified as Nick Sandmann and was doxxed by the ghouls. The family of Michael Hodge has celebrated the wedding of his brother and had to deal with the fallout over the weekend. Andrew Hodge detailed the chaos on Twitter…

Andrew Hodge
Replying to @PikePlaceTechie
7) You reach out saying how “terrible” of a family we are, defame us, threaten us, and you know nothing about us. Yet you circulate the information and spam us like it is the only “truth” that has ever existed in your lives


Reality check: Right. The attackers, in this case, are progressives so it is understandable. It’s what they do believe in. It’s how they treat each other. The part of the story that is much less understandable is why traditionalists/conservatives piled on too.

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