Mark Steyn on the Conservative Flash Mob Against the Covington School Kids

Mark Steyn wrote one of his best pieces ever on the conservative mob that descended on the Covington kids without checking out the facts, facts which made the story much more complex:

What’s disturbing about this fake hate crime is not that the Twitter mob scented blood in its nostrils and went bounding after its prey, but that a big chunk of Conservative Inc piled on, as enthusiastically as the left. And Jay Nordlinger’s finger-wagging about an “American disgrace” is absurd in its sanctimony: However you wish to characterize a professional tribal elder intervening in a showdown between upscale Catholic private-school pupils and “Black Hebrew Israelites”, it isn’t an “American” disgrace. An American disgrace is the declining life expectancy of white males due to addiction, or the collapse of the family in rural America, or a bipartisan political class admitting millions of unskilled illegal immigrants to the country so that MS-13 gangs are now a fact of life in suburban Long Island in order that the Dems can get voters and the GOP’s donors can get cheap labor …or any one of a ton of other “American disgraces” Conservative Inc doesn’t talk about because it only takes to the field on the left’s terms. More.

Reality check: Conservative, Inc. has found that it is far more profitable to fail than to succeed, and to heck with the base.

One good thing about the conservative assault on the Covington kids is this: If those kids would like to maintain their Catholic faith, right reason, civilization, or even sanity, they need to understand the world they live in: The greatest danger they face is not from progressives but from faux conservatives who claim to oppose the progressives but actually live off the avails of pretending to oppose them. Faux conservatives are the intellectual equivalent of cops on the take.

The election of Donald Trump is correctly understood – making the fewest assumptions – as a desperate effort on the part of people who have something to gain from conservative government to elect someone who would probably try to do at least some conservative things.

One way you can know that Trump is at least trying to do some conservative things is the genuine, freaked-out loathing he excites among those with something to lose thereby. Mitt Romney and John McCain never excited that kind of loathing because everyone knew they would not really do conservative things. They would be more likely to lecture their base and lose.

For their own survival and well-being in an increasingly disordered world, the kids should never forget the fact that National Review and other “conservative” outlets simply and easily assumed that they lack honour and decency, that they are bigots, and that the people who report such things about them are telling the truth even though such people are not otherwise trusted by conservatives.

Just think: That’s what the conservative media today think of the young people they hope will one day be their readers. It’s so perfect, it’s the novel I wish I could write. But as it turns out I don’t have to…

The young people should start life-affirming and traditional values-friendly media of their own and cut those fossil conservative media right out of their lives for good! There is no help from that direction.

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